Up to date Resources for Support related to COVID-19 for Farm, Home and Businesses

Updated May 28,  2020:  All new postings are at the bottom of this page.  Please check back often.  This virus is fast moving, and the best way to stay abreast of events and be aware of new resources is to follow @CCE_Disaster on Twitter. Retweeting is highly encouraged. The New York State Office of Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center is activated. Using DART and ICS, we continue to work with our Federal and State Agency partners to provide scientific, evidence-based resources.  Below are resources for family, businesses, and farms.

Listed below are the links and urls for more resources on the COVID-19 Corona Virus, including recordings of recent agriculture related webinars related to COVID.  You can find other ag recordings on production practices, etc on the Ag Specialist Teams website.

Last updated May 28, 2020