2020 Worker Protection Standard Training & DEC Special Permit Training-Newark, NY

  • Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

(STAY TUNED we are still working on this - March 19, 2020)

English Session: 8:30am registration; 9am-12:30pm

Spanish Session: 1pm registration; 1:30pm-5pm

Similar to last year, Special Permits (SP) will only be issued for specific pesticide labels and SP trainees will have to pass a test. This will relieve the certified pesticide applicator from "on-site within voice contact" supervision of non-certified pesticide applicators when they are handling federally-restricted-use pesticides for which they hold a Special Permit. The labels that will be covered include Lorsban Advanced, Endigo ZC, Warrior II with Zeon Technology, Agri-Mek SC, Beseige, Leverage 360, Danitol 2.4EC, Mustang Maxx, Asana XL, and Lannate LV.

The SPT program for 2020 will have two changes to the approved list of Federal Restrictive Use Pesticides (FRUP):

  1. Gramoxone has been deleted from the 2020 approved SPT FRUP list, Special Permit holders will not be authorized to apply Gramoxone in 2020, no matter if the product has last season's "legacy" label or the "new" label (which was NYSDEC accepted 12/23/2019).
  2. The application of Lorsban by Special Permit holders in 2020 will be restricted to a single trunk spray inapple orchards for borer control. No other Lorsban applications by Special Permit holders (for example: Onion transplant drench for maggot, or pre-bloom foliar on apples) will be permitted.

The restrictions above pertain to Special Permit holders only. NYS Certified Applicators are still allowed to use Gramoxone and Lorsban to the full extent allowed by the NYS label

New York DEC notes that the Special Permit process is intended for farm workers with English language skills that are not adequate to pass the DEC private applicators exam. All others are encouraged to apply for their private applicators license via taking the certification exam.

Certified Supervisors are required to attend the first 30 minutes of training.

Workers requiring general pesticide training/Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Handler training who do not need special permits are welcome to take the class; they will not be tested and will receive a course participation certificate.

When registering please be sure to add all the participants names under the appropriate date, language, and level of training needed. By increasing the information that we collect now we can decrease the time it takes to sign in at the beginning of the event.

For those certified applicators registering for the Special Permits, only your DEC pesticide applicators license number is needed in the "NOTE TO US" section of the registration form. If the certified applicator is not registering please be sure to add their name and DEC pesticide applicators license number in the "NOTE TO US" section of the registration form.

Pre-Registration for Newark & Orleans County 2020 Worker Protection Standard Training & DEC Special Permit Training Deadline: April 3, 2020 at 11:00 PM: Register for this Event Now

2020 Worker Protection Standard Training & DEC Special Permit Training in Orleans Co. will be April 8, please contact Kim Hazel.


$20.00 per DEC Special Permit/General Pesticide Training (additional attendee $20.00 ea.) $40.00 per registrant after March 30


Kim Hazel
Lake Ontario Fruit Program
585-798-4265 ext. 26


1581 Route 88 North
Newark, NY 14513

Last updated March 23, 2020