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COVID-19 UPDATE April 3, 2020

More resources are being added to our "updates" page daily.  Please see the banner above and go to our special webpage created specifically for this purpose - "Up to Date Information on Corona Virus".  We are adding links to our "updates" page specifically related to information on COVID -19. Important information for farms and farmers' markets has been added.

Please make sure to also check out our social media pages and don't forget the direct emails that you will get if you are on our email lists!  You will also be getting our newsletter, Bits and Bites, in the mail in the next week.  If you would like to get on our email or mail list, please follow the link in the above right hand corner "contact us". 

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County has determined to postpone or cancel all in-person meetings and programs until April 17, 2020 due to COVID-19/Coronavirus. As part of CCE, 4-H Club meetings and events are included in our postponing/cancellations even if they are held outside of our office (e.g. homes, Town Halls, libraries). This date could be pushed further into the future dependent on guidance we receive from Public Health, Department of Health, Extension Administration and/or our insurance company. The CCE office in Newark and the SOAR office in Clyde will be closed AND the answering machine is still on!  Staff are working from home via phone, email and zoom.  Please see the 4-H activities as highlighted in the FLX 4-H banner above.

We are still receiving mail or enrollment information.  Please place in the drop box by the activity room  including 4-H enrollments (still due by April 1st).  If you need access to our staff/programs, forms, or updated information, please visit the various pages on this CCE Wayne Home.

Our phone line is open!  Please reach out to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County with questions and needs during the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.  315-331-8415.

We have some much to share, our on line learning calendar is getting full -please check out our events in the sidebar to the right.  If you have pre-registered for classes that are being canceled or re-directed to on line, you will be contacted directly with alternate meeting information.

Last updated April 3, 2020