Spanish Resources

This sight will focus on pulling together new and interesting resources for those businesses and communities working with people who speak Spanish. Check here for new updates and information as it becomes available. If you have other ideas please let us know.

English Audio
An introductory set of lessons is available to assist farm workers and others who are interested in learning English.

Lessons include basic greetings, polite expressions, health and safety, tools and equipment, and many others. The approach emphasizes listening and is intended to help beginners break the ice in terms of learning English. Each word and expression is given first in Spanish and then is repeated twice in English by a native speaker. This is a complimentary effort to the audio tracks developed to help English speaking farm employers and supervisors to learn some basic Spanish, which is available at the same site.

The first English lessons are already available on the Web. All of the audio tracks are available as MP3 downloads that can be easily converted into a CD that can be copied and shared with others. There is no cost for these downloads. The project is a public service of the University of California.

If you would like to get involved in terms of giving suggestions as to what words or expressions you would like translated, or for more information, contact farm advisor Gregorio Billikopf at (209) 525-6800.

Cornell Farmworker Program

The updated version of the Driving Laws presentation is now available from the website.

“Immigrants and the Community” Publications: – This website provides a series of four publications that you can download and print. Each publication deals with different aspects of the results of a survey done in “new immigrant” communities across NYS.

Survey of Hispanic Dairy Workers in NYS – A 2005 publication by Thomas R. Maloney and David C. Grusenmeyer that reports on many aspects of wages, benefits and challenges for Hispanic Dairy Workers.

New Immigrant Info:
A new educational resource, EXITO EN EL NORTE/Success in the U.S., is now available for use with Hispanic immigrants. EXITO is a Spanish DVD series created by Experience Education in collaboration with Iowa State University Extension. The series addresses topics vital to the successful navigation of life in U.S. such as finances, healthcare, education, etc… They cover ten topics, seven of which are applicable nationally, and three state-specific titles that are currently available only in the state of Iowa.

Extension in Spanish

A national clearinghouse for Spanish-language educational resources operated by and for Extension professionals.

OSHA – English and Spanish Dictionaries for common compliance issues


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Last updated November 8, 2017