Master Gardener volunteers help extend gardening knowledge into the community.

Ask A Master Gardener

If you live in Wayne County, New York, our trained Master Gardener volunteers can answer your questions on vegetable gardening, flowers, fruits, herbs, houseplants, lawns, trees & shrubs,  wildlife, composting, soil testing and more! This includes plant/weed/insect identification, assistance with plant disease diagnosis, and recommendations for controlling plant diseases and insect pests.

Master Gardeners are in the office on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am to noon April through the end of October. November through the end of March, We respond to questions left on our voicemail or emailed to us and look at samples left at our office. We also schedule appointments for office consultations, if needed. for calls, to look at samples, and for soil pH testing. 

We can be reached at (315)331-8415 ext. 107 If you are calling at other times, please leave a detailed message including a daytime number where we can reach you or email your question to us at

If you are dropping off plant or insect samples, or soil for pH testing, you can do so from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.

If you would like us to look at a sample, please refer to the instructions below and include your name, address, phone and email address, if you have one, with your sample.

Emailing us: When you are emailing us for Insect or Plant ID or plant disease diagnosis, please provide good quality, clear photos. They can be emailed to and should include your question/problem, your address, and phone number. That way we can contact you with any additional questions we have. If a sample is needed, we will contact you.

Plant Samples (brought to our office): If you would like us to look at plant samples you can drop them off at our office Monday-Thursday from 830am to 430pm or on Friday by 11am. Samples degrade quickly and this timing will help insure the quality of your sample when we look at it. The samples should be freshly cut, live plant parts and include any parts that show the problem. Please enclose them in a sealed plastic bag labeled with your name, address, phone, and email.

Insect Samples (brought to our office): Insect samples can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 830am to 430pm. They should be in a clean, sealed, crush proof container (not a plastic bag) and include your name, address, phone and email.

Soil Samples: Soil pH testing (soil acidly/alkalinity) is completed at our office for 3.00 per sample. The soil should be dry and in a container or plastic bag. Please include your name, address, phone and email. Samples can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 830am to 430pm.

Soil Nutrient Analysis testing is completed by the Dairy One Soil Lab in Ithaca. You mail your sample(s) with your payment directly to the lab in Ithaca.

Submission forms, instructions, and mailing boxes are available to pick up from our office or we can provide you with the forms via email. Costs for testing are listed on the submission form and are determined by the type of test you require. If you haven't had a soil nutrient analysis in a while or if it is a new planting site, this is the test that we recommend.

Master Gardeners can assist with submission forms and answer questions on soil sample submission and soil test results. If you need to contact us call (315) 331-8415 ext. 107 or email


Laurie VanNostrand
Master Gardener Program Coordinator/Consumer Horticulture
315-331-8415 ext. 107

Last updated August 22, 2023