Animal Science events at the Wayne County Fair!


There's lots to see and do at the Wayne County Fair!

dairy booth

Make sure to visit the 4-H Dairy Booth at the Wayne County Fair!


4-H at Wayne County Fair

The Wayne County Fair provides our local 4-H members with an  opportunity to share and showcase the projects they've been working on all year long. The public is invited to come and see what youth in this program are doing. Highlights of Fair Week include: livestock shows, plant science projects, home economics, entomology displays, public presentations, and more!  Come and see what 4-H can offer your family!

Youth Fair Documents

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Useful Resources

For Evaluators

The Experiential Learning Model (ELM) (PDF)
Experiential Learning Questions (PDF)
So You're the Evaluator (PDF)
The Danish Judging System (PDF)
101 Ways to Say Good Job


Amy Pelton
4-H Program Coordinator
315-331-8415 Ext. 113

Last updated June 23, 2024