Around the Table Nutrition Program by Leah's Pantry

A transformative way to how we teach nutrition, creating a more holistic approach.

Around the Table Program

A new way to address nutrition has been applied to the Cornell Cooperative Extension in their new Around the Table program. With the help of Leah’s Pantry and SNAP-Ed NY, this program shifts the question from, “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”.

This aspect of teaching can be helpful to those who have or are exposed to trauma. It is seen that 61.5% of adults and 48% of children have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences or trauma. Over half the public has had adversity, which causes people’s brains to mature differently, and — paired with the wrong coping skills — can lead to risky behaviors. In time, this leads to disease, disabilities, or social issues.

The Around the Table program can offer a way to curb trauma with positive coping skills. This program is six weeks long, offered to children and families who can learn the basics of what to do when shopping for food, prepping meals, and including family time into their everyday lives through nutrition. This program also helps spot positive and toxic stress and teaches how to manage it, along with tapping into what is important to you and your family.

Around the Table offers a joint approach to how the class is taught that takes feedback and input from the students and families to find a positive outlet to address stress through mindfulness and nutrition. We understand that food and nutrition are a vital part of everyone’s life. The Around the Table program can help families find a positive relationship between themselves and their food. 

For questions about how to join or any other details about the program, please contact Sandi Bastedo at


Sandi Bastedo
Senior Nutritionist, Northern Finger Lakes SNAP-Ed NY
315-331-8415 Ext. 108

Last updated September 30, 2021