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View Cornell’s Hudson Valley regional spring wheat, and barley variety trials.

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Ag Specialist Teams

Wayne County farmers have access to more than 17 specialists who provide up-to-date research-based information to growers through on-farm visits, educational workshops, demonstrations, and field research. No matter what size your farm is, our specialists can help you – as long as you sell products off-farm (our Master Gardeners can help others).

To get the latest information from each of the agriculture teams please download a 2024 enrollment form . Just complete the form, enclose a check, and forward to the office.

Ag Teams continue to offer workshops for pesticide credits and in person meetings and conferences.  Please check the calendar or the individual team website below for registration information.

Lake Ontario Fruit Program:  

Stay current in practices offered by the Lake Ontario Fruit Team here: 2024 Events- Lake Ontario Fruit Program

Check out this video on hail netting!

This team of four specialists seeks to foster the growth, development and profitability of the commercial fruit industry by encouraging the adoption of research –based information. Topics of research and education include, but are not limited, to: integrated pest management (IPM), business management and economics, cultural practices program, and the harvesting and marketing program. The team produces several communication pieces: Fruit Notes, is the general newsletter, Fruit Fax is a weekly fax for cultural and pest management concerns during the growing season and Harvest Fax provides weekly updates for fruit maturity reporting. Specialists are also available for on farm visits, educational workshops and other seminars.

As more and more growers are looking at diversification, there is more acreage of berries being planted in Wayne County. The Lake Ontario Fruit Team can help answer your immediate questions and more in depth information and resources is also available through the Cornell Berry Program. Please take advantage of all of the resources available to you!

Bloom Thinning Webinar - March 31

2020 Pruning Video for HoneyCrisp

Flowering , Fruit Set and Pollination - webinar by Washington State covers the basics of pollination and fertilization biology

NWNY Dairy, Livetock and Field Crops Team:

Stay current in practices offered by the NWNY Team hear: 2024 Events- Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops

This team consist of eight specialists who provide lifelong education to build the capacity of dairy, livestock and field crops producers so that they may accomplish desired outcomes. The eight specialists cover the areas of dairy production, field crop production, farm business management, small farm management and livestock production. The team offers on farm and group workshop education on water quality management, financial business analysis, and has several newsletters covering timely and local agriculture news. Field research projects help local farms determine the best new varieties of crops for local growing conditions, reduce odor emission, and increase use of on-farm composting.

Managing your Horse Pastures

Are you Milking Some Cows that you Shouldn't Be?

What is the Fertilizer Value of Milk?

How pooling of Dumped Milk Works.

Podcasts on Various Dairy Management Topics

Sizing Forage Storage

Starting a Meat Processing Facility - new webinar Dec 2020

Regional Vegetable Program – Cornell Vegetable Program:

Stay current in practices offered by the Cornell Vegetable Team here: 2024 Events- Cornell Vegetable Program

We are excited about our expanded regional vegetable program covering eight counties across WNY. This five member team provides commercial vegetable growers weekly production updates, marketing information and research and practices for improving the profitability of vegetable growers. Main crops include dry beans, potatoes, onions, cabbage, vine crops and sweet corn but educational opportunities are available for other commodities. In addition, the team can also answer questions regarding greenhouse and organic vegetables. Check out their new website by clicking on the title above.

Finger Lakes Grape Program:

Stay current in practices offered by the Finger Lakes Grape Program here: 2024 Events- Cornell Grape Program

Due to our expanding wine trail and increasing acreage of vineyard, CCE Wayne is now a member of the FL Grape Program. This two person team allows Wayne County growers to have a direct link to the latest information from Cornell and other resources around the country on topics that are important to you as a grape grower including pest management, vineyard nutrition, crop management, and farm business and marketing. Viticulture Extension Specialist Hans Walter-Peterson and Viticulture Technician Donald Caldwell are committed to providing you with important and timely information through a wide variety of means to help you produce the best crop possible, as efficiently as possible.

Last updated January 3, 2024