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For a listing of activities, be sure to check out the calendar tab and the Home Page and each of the Specialist Teams’ websites.

GRANTS – All of these grants are for businesses that have already started and want to develop a new idea or test an idea or do something different.These are not for farms that need money for general development.

NYS Ag and Markets Grants for New and Beginning Farms. Application deadline is usually the end of January.  More information is here.

NEW:  Veterans Farm Grant Fund:  Applications due the end of January.  Funding for veterans beginning a career or starting a second career in farming. More info is here.

NYSERDA – funding opportunities for energy related projects and research. Also look at Ag and Markets for partnership grant money.

Farm Credit East - grants and incentives for farms and agriservice

NYS Farm Viability Institute Grants. Go to the website.

DEC - grants for water protection

Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program – Grower Grants Now Available !  Click Here. Farmer/Grower grants are due in Nov and Partnership grants are due in Oct. There are other grants available. Check it out!

Ag and Markets Current Funding Opportunities – Click here for various closing dates and sources.

Ongoing NIFA (USDA Extension Site) Funding and Grant Sources Rotating closing dates. Part of the Rural and Community Development program focusing on developing new technologies to promote the sustainability and profitability of small and mid-size farms (which qualifies most NYS farms).

Small and Beginning Farms USDA grants and loan program.

Small Farm Program Highlights from USDA:  Each month the USDA publishes programs and activities (including grant information) regarding Small Farms.  A report of resources and programs is published as needed.  A sample report from 2017 is attached here. and includes information on how to contact that office and get on the email list. 

Rural Development Office – Several grant and loan programs are available including – Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grant Program.

If you are applying for Federal grants, many times you will be asked for a DUNS and/or SAM number - you will need to get this far in advance of applying for the grant money.  Information on how to do that can be found here.

If you would like help applying for any of these grants, please email Beth Claypoole at

Websites and Resources Helpful for Agriculture

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Wayne County: (Updated, April 2018)

Other Publications Commissioned by CCE Wayne and written by staff and specialists:

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